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Garden of Simple

if only i had a machine that made silence

Mrs. Daniel Vosovic
i'm a pixie
i'm a paperdoll
i'm a cartoon
i'm a chipper cheerful free for all
and i light up a room
i'm the color me happy girl
miss live and let live
and when they're out for blood
i always give

acoustic guitar, adult swim, alvarez, andrew bird, andy!, ani difranco, audrey hepburn, auf der maur, b movies, being folk, being happy, besty g, bitch and animal, black eyed peas, bobble heads, brain liaters, brody, brody dalle, cannon ball, caring, civil unions, coffee, creepy things, d'addario, damien rice, dave matthews band, deathcab for cutie, depeche mode, elvira kurt, family, fannie flagg, fatty, fellow workers, fifty foot foe, finger picking, flappers, fock, foil valentines, folk, folk art, folk artists, folk implosion, folk music, folk rock, folk-rock, folked, folkers, folking, folks, fried green tomatoes, garden state, gia, gina gershon, girls, green party, guitar, hair cuts, hamell on trial, hand sanitizer, hugs, human rights, ida, indie, janis joplin, kidney thieves, kill bill volume 1, kill bill volume 2, lesbian beach, lil' ani eddie, lindsay peterson, little plastic castle, living in clip, liz phair, love mongers, mango, margaret cho, maria mena, mary fricken andre!, mary j. blues, matt again, matt's scooter, mazzy star, melanie marcus, mike the kaps, mocking stupid examples, mostly ape, my hair, nice tooshes, no doubt, not making decisions, not so soft, obsessing over my hair, people watching, petticoats, pipe organs, pj harvey, placebo effect, pom juice, portishead, puddin', rainer maria rilke, red hair, requiem for a dream, resident evil, righteous babe records, rilo kiley, rummy, rumsfeld, sarah bettens, sarcasm, saving whales, sekou sundiata, shampoo, shannon the wee huff, she wants revenge, simon and garfunkel, sing sing death house, sleater-kinney, some girls, stupid's pledge, teeth like woah, tegan and sara, tenacious d, the distillers, the l word, the little guy, the princess bride, tomfoolery, tough love, vinyl killer, watching the fucking stars, wet your whistle, who the fuck!, wit, wonderfalls, your love, your mom, zach's kookins!